Sundays at First Church

April Series: The Winner Is...

Life often makes us feel like anything but winners--we're reminded all too often of our shortcomings, failures and bad habits.Yet, as people who have said yes to Jesus, we have victory! In this series we will be reminded of stories throughout the Bible where the odds were stacked, yet God showed up in a big way. For everyone who cheers for the underdog, or loves a good comeback story, The Winner Is, will be a series you'll root for.

Week 3
Follow up questions: Read Daniel 3.
  1. In what ways are you pressured to worship something other than God? 
  2. How have you experienced Gods presence in the fire?
  3. Consider these three words from v18, “but if not”.

Child Dedications

This week we will be celebrating children & baby dedications at the Saint Joseph Campus!
Next week we will celebrate at the Stevensville campus and Benton Heights Campus!